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Humble beginning of Quality Foods dates back to 1981 when Pius Sedani at a young age started a shop in Upton Park-London whilst his two brothers helped out in any way possible. Whilst Arvind went to the vegetable market in the crack of dawn and Cash & Carry for purchasing goods to the store and Vipul helped out in the shop after going to school. The first shop was acquired with a loan from the bank which was about 1800SqFt in 1981. After successfully catering to Asian customers together they acquired the second store 2 years after in Upton Park which turned out to be the stepping stone of retail supermarkets for the brothers.

It soon dawned on them that the Asian niche market was far more demanding than what was anticipated and the challenge to expand in larger scale was on. They needed funding from the banks to support the idea of Large Asian supermarket concept which at that time was not heard of. Whilst in negotiations they acquired another run down store in 1987, small in size in Forest Gate.

In 1992 they leaped into supermarket concept with the purchase of a large location in Ilford. They extended the trading area and refitted the store completely to high standard. Though at that time some Asian grocers were available in the market the idea to have a large supermarket consisting Asian groceries was regarded by some as a risky business. The brother though determined to succeed opened the Ilford store. This was an instant hit in the local area and the name ‘Quality Foods’ began as a trade mark to customers.

In 1997 they acquired a closing down Quick Save supermarket in Southall and spent the biggest ever investment in re-fitting the store. The store was then regarded as good as a multiple in Asian foods. Shoppers flocked to the store for the variety and availability of Asian food and ‘Quality Foods’ brand name spread around west London like wild fire. 2006 brought the brothers the biggest supermarket in the chain where a old B&Q warehouse was purchased and refitted to meet modern standards boasting the largest Asian Supermarket in London. Another store was setup in Hounslow by acquiring a closed down old Safeway location in 2011 which is the latest addition to the chain.

To ensure the quality and price of some goods ‘Quality Foods’ launched their own brand ‘Gulab’ and invested in partnership with producers and manufacturers of many items you see in their own supermarkets. Exclusive only to ‘Quality foods’ and not found anywhere in UK, ‘Gulab’ upholds quality and assurance.

“Entrust in quality of food and service with Quality Foods”


Categories as : Oil,Spices,Dalls. Drinks.Snacks,Ready Meals,Frozen Foods,Fresh fruit & Veg, Dairy products, Rice, Flours,Household,Bakery Products……, we have vast range of local indian snacks, hair oils,soaps,